E-Sim Wiki

Wiki rules[]

  • This wiki is english-only. Language specific wikis should be created with specific prefix (like fr.esim.wikia.com)
  • No spam, external advertising is allowed
  • Do not delete anything without approval from either the editor or an admin
  • Please avoid using abbreviations in your articles which new players may have difficulty understanding (e.g. refer the Q's as Qualities)
  • Adding Signatures of any kind and format to other than personal page are not allowed (e.g. Made by FluffyMan ; FluffyMan ; etc.)

General Policies[]

  • The wikia should be treated as an information source.
  • All pages should have valid and truthful information.
  • Pages should NOT be vandalised. More information of what is classified as Vandalism can be found below.
  • Offensive language, either toward other editors or in articles, is not tolerated. Inserting offensive language in articles is considered vandalism.
  • Repeated overwriting another user's contributions, thereby engaging in an editing war is not permitted.
  • Abusing any of the wiki features: eg. moving or renaming pages, is forbidden. Wiki features should only be used if needed.


For breaking any of the e-Sim Wikia Policies in result we may suspend your Wikia Account or in-game account. The decision is up to the Wiki Administrator and Game Staff.


Wiki vandalism may fall into one or more of the following categorizations:

Type Description
Blanking Removing all or significant parts of pages' content without any reason, or replacing entire pages with nonsense. Sometimes important verifiable references are deleted with no valid reason(s) given in the summary. However, significant content removals are usually not considered to be vandalism where the reason for the removal of the content is readily apparent by examination of the content itself, or where a non-frivolous explanation for the removal of apparently legitimate content is provided, linked to, or referenced in an edit summary.
Page lengthening Adding very large (measured by the number of bytes) amounts of bad-faith content to a page so as to make the page's load time abnormally long or even make the page impossible to load on some computers. Adding large amounts of good-faith content is not vandalism.
Spam Adding or continuing to add external links to non-notable or irrelevant sites (e.g. to advertise one's website) to pages after having been warned is vandalism, or sites that have some relationship to the subject matter, but advertise or promote in the user's interest.
Vandalbots A script or "robot" that attempts to vandalize or spam massive numbers of articles (hundreds or thousands).
Silly vandalism Adding profanity, graffiti, random characters, or other nonsense to pages; creating nonsensical and obviously non-encyclopedic pages, etc. Please note that the addition of random characters to pages is a common way that new users test edit and may not be intentionally malicious.
Sneaky vandalism Vandalism that is harder to spot, or that otherwise circumvents detection. This can include adding plausible misinformation to articles, (e.g. minor alteration of facts or additions of plausible-sounding hoaxes), hiding vandalism (e.g. by making two bad edits and only reverting one), using two or more different accounts and/or IP addresses at a time to vandalize, or reverting legitimate edits with the intent of hindering the improvement of pages. Some vandals even follow their vandalism with an edit that states "revert vandalism" in the edit summary in order to give the appearance the vandalism was reverted.
Userspace vandalism Adding insults, profanity, etc. to user pages or user talk pages.
Image vandalism Uploading shock images, inappropriately placing explicit images on pages, or simply using any image in a way that is disruptive. Please note though that Wikipedia is not censored for the protection of minors and that explicit images may be uploaded and/or placed on pages for legitimate reasons.
Template vandalism Modifying the wiki language or text of a template in a harmful or disruptive manner. This is especially serious, because it'll negatively impact the appearance of multiple pages. Some templates appear on hundreds of pages.
Abuse of tags Bad-faith placing of templates (notices), or other tags on pages that do not meet such criteria. This includes removal of long-standing policy and related tags without forming consensus on such a change first.
Page-move vandalism Changing the names of pages (referred to as "page-moving") to disruptive, irrelevant, or otherwise inappropriate terms. Wikipedia now only allows registered users active for at least four days to move pages.
Link vandalism Modifying internal or external links within a page so that they appear the same but link to a page/site that they are not intended to (e.g spam, self-promotion, an explicit image; a shock site).
Avoidant vandalism Removing tags in order to conceal deletion candidates or avert deletion of such content. Note that this is often mistakenly done by new users who are unfamiliar with Deletion procedures and such users should be given the benefit of the doubt and pointed to the proper page to discuss the issue.
Modifying users' comments Editing other users' comments to substantially change their meaning (e.g. turning someone's vote around), except when removing a personal attack(which is somewhat controversial in and of itself). Signifying that a comment is unsigned is an exception. Please also note that correcting other users' typos is discouraged.
Discussion page vandalism Blanking the posts of other users from talk pages other than your own, Wikipedia space, and other discussions, aside from removing internal spam, vandalism, etc., is generally considered vandalism. An obvious exception is moving posts to a proper place. Removing personal attacks is often considered legitimate, and it is considered acceptable to archive an overly long talk page by creating an archive page and moving the text from the main talk page there. Note: The above rules do not apply to a user's own talk page. Editors are granted considerable latitude over editing their own userspace pages (including talk pages), and blanking one's own user talk page is specifically not prohibited.
Repeated uploading of copyrighted material Uploading or using material on Wikipedia in ways which violate Wikipedia's copyright policies after having been warned is vandalism. Because users may be unaware that the information is copyrighted, or of Wikipedia policies on how such material may and may not be used, such action only becomes vandalism if it continues after the copyrighted nature of the material and relevant policy restricting its use have been communicated to the user.
Malicious account creation Creating accounts with usernames that contain deliberately offensive or disruptive terms is considered vandalism, whether the account is used or not.
Edit summary vandalism Making offensive edit summaries in an attempt to leave a mark that cannot be easily expunged from the record (edit summaries cannot simply be "reverted" and remain visible when viewing a page's history. Often combined with malicious account creation.
Hidden vandalism Any form of vandalism that makes use of embedded text, which is not visible to the final rendering of the article but visible during editing. This includes link vandalism (described above), or placing malicious, offensive, or otherwise disruptive or irrelevant messages or spam in hidden comments for editors to see.

Editing Rules[]

Rule 1. Register an account[]

Although any visitor can edit on E-Sim Wiki, creating a user account offers a number of benefits. Firstly, it offers you privacy and security. Though counterintuitive, editors registered under a pseudonymous username actually have greater anonymity than those who edit “anonymously”. A few of us have chosen to associate our accounts with our ingame identities. Be aware as we check all content that will be added and, if you do not respect the Wiki rules we will delete your contribution and block the IP adress from which the editing was done.

Rule 2. Be bold, but not reckless[]

The survival and growth of any wikia requires participation. e-Sim Wikia is growing in size, but its continuing success depends on the regular contributions of our volunteers. Therefore, Wikia urges all users to ‘‘be bold‘‘ if you spot an error, correct it. If you can improve an article, please do so. It is important, however, to distinguish boldness from recklessness. Start off small. Begin by making minor modifications to existing articles before attempting a complete rewrite of E-Sim Wiki. Many new editors feel intimidated about contributing to Wikia at first, fearing they may make a mistake. Such reluctance is understandable but unfounded. The worst that can happen is that your first edits are deemed not to be an improvement and are reverted. If this does occur, treat it as a positive learning experience and ask the reverting editor for advice.

Rule 3. Avoid shameless self-promotion[]

Many people are tempted to write or edit Wikia articles and add information about themselves. Resist that urge. If you are sufficiently notable to merit inclusion in an encyclopedia, eventually someone else will write an article about you, or include you. Remember that unlike a personal Web page, E-Sim Wiki is not yours to control. So think twice before adding you name/ signatures in the pages. Pictures are excluded from this rule.

Rule 4. Know your audience[]

Wikia is not primarily aimed at experts; therefore, the level of technical detail in its articles must be balanced against the ability of non-experts to understand those details. When contributing any content, imagine you have been tasked with writing a comprehensive review for a high school audience. It can be surprisingly challenging explaining complex ideas in an accessible, jargon-free manner. But it is worth the perseverance. You will reap the benefits when it comes to writing your next manuscript or teaching an undergraduate class.

Rule 5. Adding translations articles[]

For the moment you are not allowed to create any new translation pages. Because it is very hard for us to add translations to any other languages besides English, for the moment you can not create any other translations, except editing the ones that are already available. But if you insist on doing so, first you will need to contact Wikia administrator so we can verify them for SPAM and others, and after that we will add a new version specific to the language you’ve sent us.

Rule 6. Picture uploading[]

When you are adding pictures to the articles please use search, as we have a big picture database that contains all the necessary pictures for editing articles. If you really feel the urge of adding new pictures please respect the following:

  • Please upload pictures ONLY in PNG format, for a better transparency and quality.
  • Every picture name must be the same as the content. e.g. E-sim.png
  • Uploading pictures using any other name than the content, is forbidden. The picture will be deleted and the user will be WARNED.
  • Adding pictures that are already in the database is not allowed, they will be deleted. If you think that the picture is OLD by any reason, please use the Upload a new version of the file function and at the description add the date of upload.
  • Using inadequate language on personal pictures is strictly forbidden, and therefore the picture will be deleted and the user WARNED.

Rule 7. Ask for help[]

Wikipedia can be a confusing place for the inexperienced editor. Learning Source Codes — the syntax that instructs the software how to render the page — may appear daunting at first. The intersecting guidelines and policies and the annoying tendency of experienced editors to use abbreviations (alphabet soup of acronyms) can also be tricky to comprehend. Thankfully, the e-Sim Wikia community puts great stock in welcoming new editors. Do not hesitate to contact Wikia administrator for any problem that you may encounter.