Weapons in general Weapon

Weapons are used to increase damage in a battle. A weapon can be used only once, after which it is destroyed and make you famous in this game by your damage

Buying weapons

If you do not have the means of producing your own weapons (e.g. by owning a weapons company), you can buy them on the product market.

Market Place-Weapons

Simply follow these steps: Market » Product Market » Select Weap.(1) » Choose the Country(2) from wich you whould like to buy them » Choose the quality(3) » Click on View offers » Buy the required amount

Using weapons

During a fight, select which weapon you wish to use from the fighting menu before clicking 'Fight' or 'Berserk'..

Fighting Menu-Weapons
Weapon quality Damage modifier
Unarmed -50%
Q1 20%
Q2 40%
Q3 60%
Q4 80%
Q5 100%

Producing weapons

Weapons are produced using Weapons Company, and the quality of the weapon depends on the Company's quality. The raw material used is ironIron . The amount needed to produce 1 piece of weapon is explained in the table bellow, for each Quality.

Quality Iron units required Productivity required Damage
Q1 2 2 +20%
Q2 4 4 +40%
Q3 6 6 +60%
Q4 8 8 +80%
Q5 10 10 +100%
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