General Information

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Vietnam is located in Southern Asia and it's bordered by China to the north, Cambodia and Thailand to the West and Philippines to the southeast. Their high resource is Diamonds in North Central Coast, their medium resource is iron in Southeast Vietnam and there Capital is Northeast Vietnam.


Vietnam was added to the game in the day 900 together with Japan and it was a really big surprise for all players because there wasn't any known Vietnamese player at the moment.

One month later Vietnam started to accepted the first foreign players most of them trying to do a Political take over but they had luck and four experiences players ( soka, hi guy, rkiller999, Xankro) join them and help them growing up, creating an IRC channel, and making a big Babyboom.

After the BabyBoom Vietnam received a lot of Vietnamese's that took the power of country and in the day 1040 Vietnam only had 1 foreign player in Vietnam politic.

Vietnam Today

Today Vietnam have great relationships with some country's and they make part of an alliance called ☀Confederacy of Independent States☀ (CIS) where it's composed by Brasil, Japan, Cambodia, Argentina, USA, Croatia, England, Mexico, Macedonia, Netherlands, Beligum and Italy.

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