Every citizen has the possibility to travel around the map using moving tickets. To travel you need to have one ticket in your inventory.


Reason to travel

  • To travel directly into battle to increase your damage
  • To buy goods on a foreign market
  • To establish a new company in a specified region
  • To take part in a battle in a foreign country
  • To start a Resistance War

Resistance War travel

You are able to travel from "region window" or from "battle window" (Only Resistance battle)
Rw travel


Ticket is an essential product that you need for traveling. Without ticket one cannot travel anywhere.

You are provided with 4 Q5 tickets at the beginning of the game for free. Which means you can travel to any location without losing any health.

[1] More Specifically

  • Quality 1 Tickets will cause a damage of 40 to the user
  • Quality 2 Tickets will cause a damage of 30 to the user
  • Quality 3 Tickets will cause a damage of 20 to the user
  • Quality 4 Tickets will cause a damage of 10 to the user
  • Quality 5 Tickets will cause no damage whatsoever
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