Training increases your strength, therefore the damage you deal. The more you train, the greater help you are to your country and its allies. For every 30 days you train, you receive the "super soldier medal" worth 5 gold.

If you train every day you will have the opportunity to become one of the best citizens in e-Sim.

You can train by going to My places -> Train.


Training Formula

Current daily strength gain is as follows:

Training sessions Daily gain
Session 1-22 20 strength/day
Session 23-61 10 strength/day
Session 62-140 5 strength/day
Session 141+ 2 strength/day

Tips Klicaj1

  • Don`t forget to train every day, so you can defend your country or attack other countries.
  • Highly decorated soldiers are the most recognized players in e-Sim.
  • War, battles and military groups are also the main social center in e-Sim.
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