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Training increases your strength, therefore it also increases the damage you deal. The more you train, the


greater help you are to your country and its allies in a battle. For every 30 training sessions, you receive the "super soldier medal" worth 5 gold.

If you train every day you will have the opportunity to become one of the best citizens in e-Sim.

You can train by going to My places -> Train.


Training fix[]

Due to strength problems (train for lost days) it is possible for player with premium to get ahead in strength,
it used to leave players without premium behind.
After training 30 days in a row citizen will have 25% chances of getting +50% bonus for the training (like premium players).
It will be slower than players with premium and random.

Training Formula[]

Currently, daily strength gain is as follows:

(WARNING: This training formula only functs in Classica and Maxima servers. This formula dont exist in No-temporal servers since 2016 October)

The table below is all wrong and devs are not updating it.


Daily gain

100-500 100 strength gain per day(150 with premium or bonus)
500-1000 50 strength gain per day(75 with premium or bonus)
1000-1500 25 strength gain per day(37-38 with premium or bonus)
1500- 1800 10 strength gain per day(15 with premium or bonus)
1800 - 2100 5 strength gain per day(7-8 with premium or bonus)
2100 - 2250 2 strength gain per day(3 with premium or bonus)
2250+ 1 strength gain per day(2 with premium or bonus)

Note: You receive 50% more strength if you have premium account and if your strength is not like the biggest on server.

Tips Klicaj1[]

  • Don't forget to train every day, so you can defend your country or attack other countries.
  • Highly decorated soldiers are the most recognized players in e-Sim.
  • War, battles and military groups are also the main social center in e-Sim.
  • Training 30 days will grant you the 'Super soldier' medal and 5 gold. You don't have to train 30 days in a row, unlike the hard worker medal.
  • After 30 days of training in a row, a citizen will have 25% chance to get bonus (+50%), bonus similar to premium so players with top strength won't get it.