Tickets in general Ticket

Tickets are used to travel to another region. Each ticket allows you to move to any region in the world. The higher quality ticket you use, the less health you lose during the travel.

Tickets are produced in ticket companies from oil.

Buying tickets

If you do not have the means of producing your own tickets (e.g. by owning a ticket company), you can buy them on the Product Market.

Market Place-Ticket

To get the tickets from product market ,simply follow these steps: Market » Product Market » Select Ticket(1) » Choose the Country(2) from wich you whould like to buy them » Choose the quality(3) » Click on View offers » Buy the required amount

Producing tickets

Tickets are produced using a Ticket Company, and the quality of the Ticket depends on the Company's quality. The raw material used is oilOil .


The ammount needed to produce 1 ticket is explained in the table bellow, for each Quality.

Quality Oil units required Productivity required
Q1 4 4
Q2 8 8
Q3 12 12
Q4 16 16
Q5 20 20


While traveling using tickets, you will loose different amounts of health points, as explained in the table bellow:

Quality Health Points
Q1 40
Q2 30
Q3 20
Q4 10
Q5 0