So guys i know that the shared ip has a strict rule and it should be!

but we cant be online everysingle day and if we dont we lose the work streak, xp etc.

so my suggestion is that the dev team of e-sim create a button which gives a " supervising ability" to the person whom we want . this ability gives to our selected "supervisor" the means to work, train and fight. the supervisor should not be able to create auctions,contracts, offers on mm or anything but only deal with existing auctions participated by the owner.

it can only be done with 1 supervisor per month and the supervising ability should not last more than 5 days.

so if we need to leave for a work trip or something and we dont want to lose the xp equivalent of 3 days and get behind we could do that. avoiding getting banned for sharing ip or password or getting behind in the game

thank you for your time. and sorry for my english.

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