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Battle Subsidies[]

The Subsidies System enables country presidents to award citizens for participating in important battles .

Subsidized battles are visible on the main page.

If you participate in a subsidized battle you will instantly be paid money for each hit.


After every fight, you will receive an alert with the money you received, the damage you've done and the country that pays you the subsidy.


  • Subsidies are only set by the country presidents.
  • Subsidies are set per 100,000 damage
  • Subsidies are paid directly from the country treasury.
  • Only countries directly participating in battles can set subsidies.
  • There is no limitations in access to subsidies. You can even receive subsidies from your enemy.


  • Participating in subsidized battles can be a good source of additional money.
  • High subsidies can encourage foreign mercenaries to participate in the battle.
  • It is a good idea to subsidize only crucial battles.
  • If you don't do enough damage at the time, the amount of money you get will be too low and it will be round off to 0.0