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Investing in a stock company

Some basic info on how to make money

Buying & selling shares

You will have a special place inside the company where you can see your or other shareholders' offers and edit yours.


You must be aware of who you trust. Many people will create stock companies but they may not know anything about economy. In this module you can easily win or even lose money. It's the same as the real world where we saw many problems with Stock Markets.


Fraud actions and all actions which have as result stealing from Stock Companies will have further and really hard punishments.

Shareholders' laws

Shareholders panel gives 2 options. First is the sack proposal which costs 1.00 g and gives the shareholders the option to vote if they want the current CEO to stay or not. It’s a kind of “impeachment”. It takes at least 50% of the votes to be for to sack a CEO. Second option is Propose CEO in case the seat is open. It’s like Propose Elect President for congress.

Company assets

You can buy a company from Companies Market or just donate the Company through Donate company button. When you get on the companies market you will have the option to buy a company for the Stock Company you are a CEO of. You can also Donate Money to a Public Company even if you don't have any shares.

As for Products and Raws, you can get them into a public company only by buying through Product Market.

Managing stock company

Creating company from the scratch

First you have to be level 10 to create/open an Stock Company. Then you go to My Places> Shares Here you have the option to create a company or to “play” with the shares you already possess.

My roles 12
Create new company SC

As you can see, you must pay 100 gold. Fifty gold will go to Game and 50 will be inside your company like starting funds. By creating the company you automatically become the CEO of it.

Issuing shares

The CEO can propose an issue poll. He sets the total amount of shares he wants to create and the price. These shares, if the poll is positive, are posted on the market with the voted price. In case that the CEO wants to change the price, he has the option to edit it. Again a poll will start and shareholders will be asked about this change.

Paying dividend

On CEO panel there is an option with which you can pay dividend to the shareholders. As CEO you choose the total amount of gold you want to share. Then a poll runs where shareholders vote. If it's positive then every share takes: Total amount/Total Shares of companies. Dividend can be paid whenever the CEO wants and proposes it. There is no limit.

Staff Roles

There are 4 different staff roles in an SC which are as follows:

  • Accountants: They are allowed to buy/sell currency and handle Monetary Market
  • Company Managers: They are allowed to manage companies , Their job is to set salaries, check raw material etc.
  • Salesmen are the incharge of product market related functions of Stock company. Their job is to sell products in market or buy anything from market etc.
  • CEO: CEO is the head of SC. His job is to pay dividends, hire the staff that is mentioned above , CEO also has many other powers like share split, ceo can request removed of banned player's shares from SC

Here is how CEO Panel looks:



  • Do I get xp when I vote on a proposal which is posted from CEO? Like Congress xp?

No you don’t!

  • How can I put a company inside my stock company?

You will have the option to buy companies when you go to the Companies Market.

  • Can I sell my shares?

Sure, you have the option to sell them at any price you want.

  • How safe is this module?

Nothing is safe in life. However, we will add law that will not permit CEO’s to steal from these companies, but still you must be carefull of who you give your trust.

  • Can I buy such a company?

You don’t have the option to buy it like at the company market, but you can still take the majority of the shares and control the company as CEO. In this way you have bought it!

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