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Spain is an e-country governed by the 619, that steal and do everything that they want, eSpain is like a church for praying to 619.

They use multiple accounts for be in the power and sometimes the Spain ORG have the same photo of 619 and some companies have the same photo too. Is like a mafia.

If you think diferent or say something or be the opposition they will banned you saying you're multiple account. They say together that you're multi and for these reason the Adms ban you.

eSpain is not free and If an other player that is not from the 619 win's the presidential elecction, the 619 make an impeachment and fire out of the goverment.

That happened in all servers, but more in Suna.

A player (The N00b) that was multi... He was banned, but when he start a new account nd he wasn't multi he was banned because a lot of players of 619 cryed to the Adms and say that he was multi.

It's horrible, but its true, please say no to FALSOCRACIA.