South Sudan (Suna)


Once the home of the french community of Primera and Secura, South Sudan was a territorial power.

Under the leadership of MonsieurA, our first president, South Sudan knew her first expansion , and quickly organised herself under the flag of the national military unit Sudan Peoples Liberation Army.The expansion continued with our second president Red0r and will end with our third president Lucifer1, leader of the mulitary unit, Army of Devil.

After this different phase of expansion South Sudan became more calm, some of the member became 2-clicker, making the country weaker. the great leader Lucifer1 , three time president decided to leave us to take care of his real life. A new leader had to emerged: Minibol took upon himself to guide our people, but after his third mandate the treacherous nation of Eritrea decided to attack us, to seize our powerfull High region.

After the first attack minibol took the difficult decision to lead his people to a new home , Mali, a lot of South Sudanese decided to follow him in his great exode but some decided to stay back and fight.But eventually the strength of Eritrea overcomed the couragous defense of the citizen of South Sudan.

Nowadays, South Sudan has been erased of the map, and only live through the story told by the former citizen, but surely one day South Sudan will rise again from the ashes like a phoenix.

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