Sailor week

During this event all countries with access to open waters (you can check it on map via Open waters option in side panel) will be able to attack other regions that have access to open waters . 

Sailors week


  • All countries with access to open waters may participate 
  • Presidents will be able to declare a war if both countries have access to open waters 
  • Active war is required to attack a region 
  • Alliances will be respected 
  • Aggressors will be influenced by surrounded debuff (open water access is not a border) 

Basic informations

  • Event will last one week (seven days) 
  • 5 days before the event we will make an announcement about it on our index page. 

Pirate equipments

  • During "Sailors week" you will be able to drop pirate equipment 
  • You need to end battle during the event to drop event items (it may start before) 
  • Pirate equipment has special rules for parameters
  • Pirate equipment will drop in ordinary battles as well as resistance wars (you will not be able to drop it from Civil War, League, Team National Cup nor World War)