1. We will reset:

- open law proposals  

- job offers

- alliances

- open wars (and open war polls)

- open battles

- military units damage to 0

- citizens damage to 0, xp to 1, level to 1, strength to 300, economy skill to 1

- country presidents and congressmans

- missions

- region owners to native

- military ranks  

2. You will keep:

- equipment

- money

- items

- medkits

- achievements

- medals

- partnership program money

-premium account

- food limit

3. Without changes:

- map (but there will be new raws)

- day number of Primera

- train and work days in a row

- gold of all country

- statistics of your invited friends

- newspaper and their subscribers

- companies, stock companies and debts

- gold of companies, MU's.

- military units

4. FAQ

1.   Why do we reset Primera?

We want to bring you new players and make some refresh to Primera world. We want to level the playing field between old players and the new ones.

2.  How CP and Congress members in countries added will be elected?

CP and congress will be elected from people who invited most players shortly after server reset (probably within 48 hours). Invited players count even if they won't reach level 7. If there won't be enough inviters, active players will most achievements will be congressmens.

3.   Why eco skill will be reset?

We reset eco skill for better gamification. It's more fun for everyone to start at the same level of character development.

4. What will be the prizes of the winning country before Reset?

Badges for citizens from top 5 countries :) We also have made new Achievements category "Server reborn" with achievements you can only get during server reborn.

5.   Will there be a ceasefire-period?

Nope, however there will be maintaince before restart for few hours.

6.   Why can’t we merge the all 3 servers together ?

We can. However it would be very very problematic from technical reason. Servers have different machines, different database, different rules. It would be months of hard work to make everything working

7.   Will we be able to move to our native country that will appear after reset?

Yes, you will be able to move to your native country. We will make the button under your profile picture.

8.   Will there be an accumulated reward or similar system to give older players an advantage over newer players?

Old players have many adventages - they keep equipment, gold, companies and other assets - also invited friends who will give them devent sum of gold :)

9. Can we change company nationality?

Yes, you can but with a fee (you can move raw company only to region having this raw)

10. What if some people dont like it? Like 51% of the game dont?

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