Election rules

  • Only citizens with level 8 or more can candidate for presidency.
  • Citizens can candidate for president only in their home countries (home country is your Citizenship country)
  • Running for presidency requires 10Gold.png in your account as candidature fee.
  • You cannot candidate while being in the congress.
  • Election results are hidden during the elections.
  • The candidate with the most votes wins. The winning candidate also receives a 500 XP, President Medal and 5Gold.png.
  • A person can vote for him/herself.
  • After submitting your candidature you can edit your presentation until the day of elections.


  • From 2nd to 4th of every month, citizens can submit their candidatures.
  • Presidential elections take place on the 5th day of every month.
  • On the 6th day, the results are revealed.
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