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Parties are the most important part of the e-Sim political system. Party leaders have major influence on politics because they support presidential candidates and decide who can run in congress elections. Joining a party gives you the chance to be more involved in your country's politics and become better known to your fellow citizens.

Create a party

Creating a new party costs 20 Gold and is allowed only to citizens above level 8 only!

Note that only major parties have a big influence in politics.


Joining a party

  • You may join any party in your country if your level is above 8.
  • You can find the parties in your country under Statistics -> Party statistics

Party hierarchy

Party leader privileges

  • is automatically promoted to council member
  • can change the colors, the name and the avatar of the party
  • can promote apprentice to a party member
  • can promote party member to council member
  • can kick out a party member or apprentice from party (but not the Council member)
  • can participate in all elections

Council member privileges

  • can promote apprentice to a party member
  • can kick out apprentice from party (while having an active candidature, member cannot be kicked out)
  • can vote for Party leader
  • can participate in all elections

Party member privileges

Apprentice privileges


Party leader elections

For information about party elections see here.

Party types

The party leader can choose a political platform for his party.

  • Radical left
  • Far-left
  • Left wing
  •  Centre-left
  • Centre
  • Centre-right
  • Right wing
  • Far-right
  • Radical right

Party colors

A Party leader can choose colors to represent his party on the War and Politics page.


Prestige points

The prestige points accumulate from elected candidates, presidents, congress members and accepted laws mostly.

  • elected — 100 points
  • from CW — 40 points
  • elected by the congress — 20 points


  • elected — 20 points
  • from CW — 10 points


  • law accepted — 5 points
  • accepted citizenship application — 3 points

Editing congress election list


Party leaders can edit congress election list on the 24th day of the month.

On the day for editing the candidates' list, only 20 candidates per party are left on the list, while the candidatures of the rest of the candidates are removed by default. Removing some of the candidates from the list by default does not change the freedom of editing the list of candidates, and the placed candidates can be replaced from within the candidates that have been removed by default.