Welcome to Suna Morocco Wiki page. Morocco is located in Africa on the northwestern side of the continent. It has borders with only Algeria and Spain, since Morocco returned Western Sahara. Morocco has 51 players as of day 878 at  17:08:17 game time. Our official IRC channel is #suna.morocco !

Currently, we aren't in any alliance and have no MPP's because Morocco is neutral.


Morocco has 4 active parties and numerous inactive parties. Ferrata which fights for Morocco and is mostly military party, hence why it's so ambitious with Morocco's potential. Ferrata even got it's name from old Morocco's MU which fought hard for Morocco to make it an empire, but that was long time ago. United Morocco which believes in democracy and wants to unite all Moroccans. Moroccan Nationalist Party which is new and radical, but efficient. Moe Restoration party which likes communism and is nostalgic for the ex MOE alliance.

Military Units in Morocco

Morocco has National Military Unit called Royal Moroccan Forces. It's goal is to recruit new Morocco players and teach them fight mechanics so they would grow and develop. There are few other Military Units in Morocco. KARMA is the strongest one. It is a mercenary MU, but never leaves Morocco alone in it's battles and supports Morocco whenever it has a war ongoing. Next active MU is Moroccan Moe Army which defends and sets orders for Morocco and their ex MOE Alliance friends. Last MU is OrkBork which is a private MU. Other MUs are leftovers from banned players or inactive ones.

Current leadership of Morocco

Country President: Nightcell

Defense Department Foreign Affairs Department Interior Department
Silver Joker Voyager Ciccio666
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