Military Rank

A citizen's military rank depends on the total damage they have dealt in battles.

Citizens with higher ranks deal more damage in battles.

Every hit you deal will increase your XP by 1 point.

Military status


Rank name Damage required Bonus damage Medal
Rookie 0 0%
Private 250 10% Private-glam
Private First Class 1k 20% Private-1st-Class-glam
Corporal 3k 30% Corporal-glam
Sergeant 5k 40% Sergeant-glam
Staff Sergeant 10k 50% Staff-Sergeant-glam
Sergeant First Class 30k 60% First-Class-Sergeant-glam
Master Sergeant 60k 65% Master-Sergeant-glam
First Sergeant 100k 70% 1st-Sergeant-glam
Sergeant Major 150k 75% Sergeant-Major-glam
Command Sergeant Major 500k 80% Command-Sergeant-Major-glam
Sergeant Major of the Army 750k 85% Sergeant-Major-of-the-Army-glam
Second Lieutenant 1M 90% Second-Lieutenant-glam
First Lieutenant 1.5M 93% First-Lieutenant-glam
Captain 2.5M 96% Captain-glam
Major 5M 100% Major-glam
Lieutenant Colonel 10M 103% Lieutenant-Colonel-glam
Colonel 17M 106% Colonel-glam
Brigadier General 25M 110% Brigadier-General-glam
Major General 35M 113% Major-General-glam
Lieutenant General 45M 116% Lieutenant-General-glam
General 60M 119% General-glam
General of the Army 80M 121% General-of-the-Army-glam
Marshall 100M 124% Marshall-glam
Field Marshall 125M 127% Field-Marshall-glam
Supreme Marshall 175M 130% Supreme-Marshall-glam
Generalissimus 250M 133% Generalissimus-glam
Supreme Generalissimus 400M 136% Supreme-Generalissimus-glam
Imperial Generalissimus 600M 140% Imperial-Generalissimus-glam
Legendary Generalissimus 800M 142% Legendary-Generalissimus
Imperator 1B 144% Imperator-glam
Imperator Caesar 1.5B 146% Imperator-Caesar-glam
Deus Dimidiam 2.5B 148% Deus-Dimidiam-glam
Deus 5B 150% Deus-glam
Summi Deus 7.5B 152% Summi-Deus-glam
Deus Imperialis 10B 154% Deus-Imperialis-glam
Deus Fabuloso 15B 156% Deus-Fabuloso-glam
Deus Ultimum 20B 158% Deusultimum small
Destroyer 25B 160%
Annihilator 30B 162%
Executioner 35B 164%
Slaughtener 45B 166%
Exterminator 50B 168%
Almighty 55B 170%
Demigod 60B 172%
Divinity 65B 174%

How to Deal More Damage

You can deal more damage by fighting with weapons. There are 5 quality types of weapons, from 1 to 5, the higher quality the item it is, the higher damage you will have.

Equipment that can be bought on auctions or from trading channels can also help in battles.

Additionaly, you can deal more damage using buffs.

Weapon quality Damage
Unarmed 1x
Q1 2.4x
Q2 2.8x
Q3 3.2x
Q4 3.6x
Q5 4x
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