The Map is one of the most useful features in e-sim. The Map can be found under the "Country" Category.

As one can easily notice, the map doesnt not just show the geographical areas controlles by the countries but much more that will be analysed in greater detail below


In the game, every country has 6 regions. (or else known as "cores")

These also include:

-The Capital of the Country

-A region rich in one of the 6 resources (known as "high regions")

-A region medium in one of the 6 resources ("known as medium regions")

Additional Information

Opening the map one can see the following Categories:

-Political (Shows the regions that every country owns)

-Demographics (Shows the population in every region)

-Resources (Shows the regions that are high or medium in a certain resource)

-Companies (Shows the number of companies in each region)

-Battles (Shows with a red colour which regions are under attack. The player can also be transferred to the battle by pressing "Join Battle" immediately from the map page)

-Defensive Buildings (Shows the number of Defensive Building in each region)

Screenshot from 2014-07-06 12-43-10

Above is an example of how the map looks in the Political Category (Secura Server)

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