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Possibility to link Discord and in-game accounts is one of the newest feature. It gives advantages to a citizen and make their in-game life easier.

How to link your Discord and in-game accounts[]

You can link one Discord account to accounts on all servers. Remember - you are allowed to have only one account on each server. It is very quick and simple. On the top in your tabs move mouse over "Discord" tab. Menu with few option will be displayed. To link your accounts click on "Connect Accounts".

Connect acc

After you click it, you will be redirected to new page when you have to confirm your request by clicking on "Connect" button.

Conn button

After that you will be asked by Discord for authorization. When you accept - it is done! You will be redirected back to E-Sim and you will see which Discord account is currently connected.

You can always disconnect your account using this link -> https://server_name.e-sim.org/connectWithDiscord.html . Just replace "server_name" with specific name.


Advantages of linked Discord and in-game accounts[]

  1. In my personal opinion the biggest advantage is +5% to your damage. If you would like to be sure it is working,

    Linked Discord and in-game accounts gives +5% to your damage

    go to any attle and deal one hit. If "+5%" will be displayed next to damage - congratulations, you got it!
  2. Rewards. From time to time you can message E-Sim Bot (Admin will post shout in game before this event) and bot will send you promotional codes - one for each server. You can use it in game and receive supplies, equipment or other gifts.
  3. Possibility to use private conversation with Staff Members on support channels.