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Law proposal

Law proposals can be submitted by congress members or by presidents.

Each law proposal requires more than 50% votes to be accepted except impeachment. More than 65% votes of the congress is required for impeachment.

Members of congress also be careful when you vote as once you do vote it cannot be undone.

Law proposals by congress

There are 6 type of law proposals which can be proposed by congress members. These are print money, donate money, change taxes, propose impeachment, elect president and propose welcome message.

Print money law proposal

Each country has a possibility to print their local currency.

  • Printing 1 local currency costs 0.005.
  • Print money proposal can be submitted by congressman.
  • Currency will be deposited into the country account.

Donate money law proposal can be submitted by any congress members. Such law means, that some amount of specified type of money will be donated to specified citizen.


  • Be careful when voting such law! Some congressmen are willing to steal money from country treasure. If the money is donated to the wrong citizen, it can be inevitable lost
    Donate money

Possible reasons to make donations

  • To exchange printed currency into.
  • To support local military groups/local communities/national industries.
  • To steal money.

How to change taxes

Every congressman can propose a tax changing Law.

To change the taxes of a Product you have to enter following new parameters

  • Product type
  • VAT tax (in percent)
  • Import tax (in percent)
  • Income tax (in percent)

VAT tax

The VAT tax activate itself automatically when a product gets sold on the market. The price, wich you can see on this product will always be the price with the VAT tax.


Import tax

You have to pay the import tax when you sell products on a market in a different country. The price, which you can see on this product will always be the price with the Import tax.


Income tax

When you look at the job market you will see the normal salaries. After you worked the income tax will be automatically taken away from your salary.


Impeachment law proposal

Impeachment law proposal can be submitted by any congressman. Impeaching president is the only way to depose the president.

After successful impeachment (More than 65% votes of the congress is required), another citizen become a new president. The following president is the citizen who achieved second best result in previous presidential election. If there were no candidates, there will not be a new president, therefore the country can not perform any actions that are done by the president, until a new president is elected.


Elect president law proposal

Congress members can propose to elect a new president under following circumstances:

  • There is no president in the country. (This happens when all presidential candidates have been impeached.)
  • The candidate must be a member of congress.

Note that the candidate has to be supported by more than 50% of congress members to be elected.


Law proposals by president

There are 8 type of law proposals which can be proposed by presidents. These are attack regions, manage subsidies, place buildings, demolish buildings, propose alliance, declare war, sign peace and propose referendum.

CP actions

Any Country President may propose up to 5 new laws each 24 hour period.


National Referendum

A referendum is a vote in which electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. Referendum is a opportunity for government to communicate directly with society.

How to start a referendum

  1. Country president needs to issue a proper law proposal using his presidential panel.
  2. Law proposal has to be accepted by the congress.
  3. Referendum will start as soon as the law is accepted by the congress.

Rules to be followed

  • Only one referendum per 7 days is allowed.
  • The cost of issuing referendum is 2 + 1% of active population.
  • Only citizens with Level 7 or above are allowed to cast their votes.
  • Referendum finished after 24 hours
  • Refer
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