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Japan is a country located in East Asia and bordered by China to the west, South Korea and Russia to the north, and Canada and USA to the east. Japan has high resource of Iron in Northern Honshu, medium resource of Oil in Southern Honshu and Shikoku. The Capital of Japan is Central Honshu.

Japan was added to Primera e-sim on the Day 900 (February 2014) along with Vietnam.

Social Status

Anime loli
Since established e-Japan has always been seeking a babybooming of native Japanese citizens, but the effects are insignificant. So far, few native Japanese citizens can be found in e-Japan.

The current multi-cultural society of e-Japan consists of the immigrants who are interested in all kinds of Japanese elements, such as Anime & Manga, tourism, history & culture, food, etc.

It is observed the majority immigrants are originally natives of The United States of America, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Poland and Serbia, etc. Yet with the citizenship of e-Japan, all the citizens are encouraged to contribute to their Empire with efforts.


  • English
  • Japanese (日本語)

IRC Channel

The official Irc channel of Primera e-Japan:

#e-sim.japan @Rizon Server.


  • kaitooo was the first Country President in the history of e-Japan
  • United Japan is the first political party founded in e-Japan.
  • Samurais is the first Military Unit established in e-Japan.
  • Belgium is the first country which signed MPP with e-Japan.
  • Canada is the first country which was at war with e-Japan.
  • China is the first country which aggressively invaded e-Japan


  • Nippon map
    Northern Honshu (High-Iron Region)
  • Central Honshu (Capital)
  • Southern Honshu and Shikoku (Medium Oil)
  • Hokkaido
  • Kansai
  • Kyushu


  • Japan Org
  • Japan Ministry of Defense

Military Units

  • BlackWater Shadow Army
  • Bishoujo Senshi
  • Imperial Japanese Army
  • Kamikaze Tokko

Political Party

  • Imperial Sun Party
  • United Japan
  • AKB48 Group

Current Alliance

C.I.S Alliance

  • Japan was one of the initial countries of CIS Alliance. [1]
  • Morbid Mushroom was the first Supreme Commander of alliance.
  • Squibeel used to be one of the Military Commanders of alliance, and he has been working on Logo creating and updating.
  • Boukun no Bun of BoukunSuzaku is always the only official newspaper of alliance.


List of e-Japan Presidents

February kaitooo
March BKthunder
April BKthunder
May Neferpitou
June Morbid Mushroom
July Squibeel
August Squibeel
September Morbid Mushroom


  1. The Confederacy of Independent States June 2014.
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