How to make a newspaper that will stand the test of time?

The question above appears much more often than you'd think. In this page, a list of useful information about this subject can be found.

The main thing of your newly founded newspaper is the name and the logo of it. This is the pairing what everyone will see for the first time, so it has to be one of the bests.

When thinking of a name, you should always consider previously the topic of your newspaper. If it has multiple topics (such as a magazine, that consists of news, fun parts and interviews), then give it a generic name. So, task number one: make it so it'll mark the content of the newspaper. Another important task is to make it simple: a long name won't stick in one's head, but a short, catchy name is something that they'll remember.

The logo should be made by you, and if possible, it should somehow either include the name, or show the content. A general newspaper icon isn't too stricking, after all.


  • Everyone should come 2 fight in this region: [...]
  • [...] goverment gives everyone weps to help them in wars.
  • yesterday the congress made a law so the taxes rise on gifts. on the other hand [...]

Also any kind of swearing, what I'll not list here.


BB-codes, BB-codes everywhere! Yes, you heard right. The most important part of your newspaper layout relies on using BB-codes. These so called BB-codes are standing for specific in-text 'commands', that change the way how it'll be displayed when it's posted. For example, " [b] Hi! [/b] " will turn into " Hi! ". Now, about layouts, there are several proven, tried and tested types of layouts:

  • Paragraph Based[example image needed]

Make sure your text has a clear structure, that it's fun to read. Use connectors e.d., leave a blank line between your paragraph, all the stuff you learned at school about making up the ideal text. Remember: you want to make an easy, readable text.

  • Image oriented[example image needed] [description needed]
  • Old Style Newspaper[example image needed] [description needed]
  • No-text newspaper[example image needed] [description needed]
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