Hospitals in general

Hospitals are buildings which can be deployed by countries on a specified region to aid its defense. They


reduce health lost by the defenders in battles from 9.5 HP to 7.5 HP, depending on quality.

Hospitals are produced in hospital companies from stone.

Buying hospitals

If you do not have the means of producing your own hospitals (i.e. by owning a hospital company), you can buy them on the product market.

Simply follow these steps:Market » Product Market » Select the image of hospital » Choose the quality and click on "View offers" » Buy the required amount

Using hospitals

Hospitals are not permanent. After defenders lost round with hospital in it, a hospital is destroyed. All hospitals are destroyed after defenders lost the battle.

Note that ordinary citizens has no use of hospitals.

Producing hospitals

Quality Stone units required Productivity required Health lost per fight
No hospital - - 10
Q1 300 300 9.5
Q2 600 600 9
Q3 900 900 8.5
Q4 1200 1200 8.0
Q5 1500 1500 7.5
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