The health indicator is located on the main page at the bottom of the status box, which contains primary information about your citizens state. In this box you can see the following information:

  1. Change language
  2. Your tasks (Train/work/fight/[on voting days]vote)
  3. Military Unit
  4. Party
  5. Travel
  6. Achievements
  7. Edit profile
  8. Your nickname
  9. Level
  10. Rank
  11. Experience
  12. Next rank (points)
  13. Health at the moment
  14. Food limit
  15. Gift limit
  16. Medkit

Regaining health

You regain 50 HP every day at day-change. Between day changes you can eat food and use gifts to regain health. Depending on the quality of the items, you regain 10 HP (for Q1 items) to 50 HP (for Q5 items). You may eat 10 food, and use 10 gifts per day initially. This limit can be increased by having a house or an estate. Also, medkits which are only given out on special occasions will restore gift and food limit to 10. You can also use extra vacations and extra spa to increase food and gift limit by 10.

What makes you lose health

  • Every hit in a fight costs you 10 HP. This number can be lowered if there's a hospital active in the fight.
  • A berserk is equal to 5 hits. i.e. a berserk costs you 50 HP, unless there's a hospital active.
  • Traveling uses HP. Depending on ticket quality, you lose from 0 HP (Q5 ticket) to 40 HP (Q1 ticket).


  • Always use up all your health before day-change
  • Save your health for important or highly subsidized battles
  • Use food and gifts during important battles.
  • By buying a house you will be able to eat more food daily. The amount depends on the quality of the house
  • By buying an estate you will be able to use more gift daily. The amount depends on the quality of the estate
  • Use food before using gifts. Food is a lot cheaper. (Only when you reach your food limit begin to use gifts)
  • Q1 food or gift gives you 10 health so with 10 Q1 food and 10 Q1 gifts you can restore up to 200 health.
  • Using 10 Q5 gifts and 10 Q5 food restores 1000 health.
  • Use medkits only after all your food and gift limits have been used up.
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