Food in general

Food is used to replenish the health of your citizen. You can consume 10-15 units of food per day depending upon if you have a house or not and if you have then it depends upon its quality.Food is produced in food companies and uses grain as a raw material. After registering a new account , you will get 10 Q1 food for free of cost.

Buying Food

If you do not have the means of producing your own food (e.g. by owning a food company), you can buy them on the Product Market.

Market Place-Food

To get the food from product market ,simply follow these steps: Market » Product Market » Select Food(1) » Choose the Country(2) from wich you whould like to buy them » Choose the quality(3) » Click on View offers » Buy the required amount

Using Food

During a fight, select which type of food you wish to use from the fighting menu before clicking 'Fight!'/'Berserk!'.

Fighting Menu-Food

One unit of food can replenish your health by 10 - 50 depending upon its quality, as it's expplained in the table bellow:

Food quality Health Replenished
Q1 10 points
Q2 20 points
Q3 30 points
Q4 40 points
Q5 50 points

The total number of Health Points is 100.

Food Production

Food is produced using Food Company, and the quality of the food depends on the Company's quality. The raw material used is grainGrain . The ammount needed to produce 1 piece of food is explained in the table bellow, for each Quality.

Quality Grain Required Productivity Required
Q1 1 1
Q2 2 2
Q3 3 3
Q4 4 4
Q5 5 5