Estate (1)

Estate are used by citizens to increase gift limit during day change. Estates are indestructible and they increase your gift limits based on the quality of the estate ( Q1 = 1 limit , Q2 = 2 limits etc.)


  • To use an estate, it just has to be in your inventory.
  • If you receive an estate on one day, the limits will be added from the next day.
  • The limits that estates give cannot be stacked.
  • If you have multiple estates in your storage, then the one with highest quality is used to increase your gift limit.

Buying Estates

If you do not have the means of producing your own estates (i.e. by owning a estate company), you can buy them on the product market.

Simply follow these steps: Market » Product Market » Select the image of Estate » Choose the quality and click on "View offers" » Buy the required amount.

Producing Estates

Estates are produced in estate companies from Stone.


Quality Stone units required Productivity required Daily gift limit increase
Q1 600 600 1
Q2 1200 1200 2
Q3 1800 1800 3
Q4 2400 2400 4
Q5 3000 3000 5
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