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Daily Tasks

Your tasks

Daily tasks are certain tasks you should perform every day. Be sure to perform all of them to get experience (see the tasks below) and have your strength and economy skills increased. Strength points increase your damage in battles and economy skill allows you to perform your job better and find better paid jobs, if available. 

Train - 3 XP


Go to "My places" -> "Train" and click the "Train" button. Training increases your strength and improves your damage. For every 30 training sessions you will get a Super Soldier Medal (additional 5 gold).After 30 days of training in a row, a citizen will have 25% chance to get bonus (+50%), bonus similar to premium so players with top strength won't get it.

Work - 5 XP


Go to "My places" -> "Work" or directly on the job market and apply for a job according to your job skill. After that, simply click the work button and you will gain XP and earn your first salary. Working also improves your economic skill level, which in turn will eventually increase the wage you earn. Note that companies on job and stock markets are run by other players.

For every 30 days of work in a row you get a Hard Worker Medal (additional 5 gold).

Fight - 1 XP/hit


Go to "Country" -> "Battles" and choose a region you want to fight in. If you had bought some weapons on the market, choose them to increase your overall performance in the battle. You will get 1 XP for every single hit or 5 XP for one berserk hit (5 single hits at once). By fighting in the battle you support a country and its alliances in their struggle for the region you had chosen to fight for. If you have the top damage in a round you can get a Battle Hero Medal. If the country you are fighting for had deployed a defence system you will deal more damage depending on the quality of this system. If you are member of a military unit which has ordered you to attack or defend a region, your final damage will be influenced as well. You can also deal more damage by being at the location where the battle is held.

Fighting in battles also improves your military rank which as well as weapons and strength, influence your final damage.