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By using a contract citizens can buy/sell products, buy/sell equipment, buy/sell accesories, borrow/lend money, etc.

When making a contract, citizens can choose the following contract items:

How to make a contract[]

  1. Go to Navigation -> My Places -> Contracts and then
  2. Create & edit a new template and
  3. Propose the template to one of your friends (you can only propose contracts to friends)


Sometimes it is impossible to accept a contract and it fails. There are two reasons of failed contracts:

  • A contract will fail if one of the sides doesn't have the required amount of product/money in inventory.
  • If you are sending equipment - equipment cannot be used in same day by anyone (including equipment bought on auctions from other players).

The template of your contract will stay so you can propose the same contract again. Accepting a contract will not take your products or equipment from the market/auctions, only the ones in your inventory.

You cannot add same equipment to two or more different contracts. So if you don't see equipment on the list when selecting it in contract - check your other contract templates and remove it from them.

Trading products[]

Sample trade contract: