Congress elections

Congress elections take place on the 25th of every month.

Election rules

  • Only candidates from the top 5 parties (based on total number of members) can take part in elections.
  • Election results are hidden during the elections.
  • Only the top 20 candidates become congress members.
  • Submitting candidature is free.
  • You can not candidate while being the president.

The first Congress was constituted by the first 20 citizens of each country.


  • From 21st to 23rd of every month, citizens can submit their candidatures. (Candidature is free)
  • On the 24th of every month, party leaders can edit their party election list.*
  • On the 25th, the elections take place.
  • On the 26th, the results are revealed.


Editing election list by party leaders


  • NOTE On the day for editing the candidates list, only 20 candidates per party are left on the list, while the candidatures of the rest of the candidates are removed by default. Removing some of the candidates from the list by default does not change the freedom of editing the list of candidates, and the placed candidates can be replaced from within the candidates that have been removed by default.
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