How to create coalition?

Coalition can be created by the country president has by issuing the law and congress has to accept it. The president who created the coalition automatically becomes leader of Coalition. Creating a coalition costs 100 Gold and it has to be in country national treasury.


There are few steps to join coalition:

  1. Countries in coalition must support new country candidate
  2. President of country candidate have to issue join coalition law to congress. It must be accepted (more than 66.6% on YES) same day (until DC) when country have support in coalition. Otherwise all steps will have to be repeated next day.
  3. Joining a coalition costs 50 Gold and it will be taken from country national treasury.

Coalition bonuses

Coa orders

If country is in coalition, all citizens receive damage bonus in battle where coalition orders are set. If coalition has orders in battle you will see little earth icon below flag, like on presented image. Bonuses are:

  • 1 country: +3% damage bonus
  • 2 countries: +5% damage bonus
  • 3 countries: +6% damage bonus

Every next country gives additional 1% damage bonus. Maximum damage bonus is 10%.


  • New coalition leader can be proposed by coalition members
  • Secretary is able to change coalition description
  • Coalition Leader can set coalition battle orders
  • Coalition battle orders can be set only once per day
  • Country can leave coalition - president have to issue law and congress have to accept it
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