A citizen of a country has more rights than someone who lives there (by travelling). Citizen can vote in its country's elections, become a party member in a political party in that country, can run for political office, and can post shouts in that country.

Hint: The more information you give why you want to move and how you go to the better country, you have the more chances you get the citizenship.

Changing citizenship

To change citizenship you must submit a citizenship application (available via Country > Citizenship).

When you submit your application, it will be visible to anyone.

In order to change your citizenship, it must be accepted by that country's congress.

Your citizenship won't change if the congress of the country is inactive.

One member of the congress of the country where you applied is needed to approve your request.

Citizenship rules and formulas

  • You can't be a party member, candidate in an election or congress member (including country president) while having a pending citizenship application.
  • You can have only one pending citizenship application.
  • Each congress member can only accept a specified number of citizenship requests - ceil(n / 10), where n is his number of votes in elections. e.g. A congress member with 95 votes can approve 10 citizen applications (95/10, rounded up to nearest integer)
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Citizen application box

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