Baby Boom


A Baby Boom (BB) is any period marked by a great increase of new players in the game which are made by admins or started through a law proposal. There are two possible ways to increase the population of e-sim:

1.This event is made by admins in order to make Baby Booms using players' efforts to post their reflinks.


2. This event is started by the Congressmen and this is done through advertising in Facebook (refer below for more info).


How to do BB?


Fundraising module gives possibility to collect funds for advertising in e-sim in a specified country.


The money collected is then used by e-sim team to pay for advertisement in a country that started fundraising


  • Only three fundraisings can be active on each server
  • Fundraising is started by congress by issuing a law
  • Congress set a goal - if its reached, esim team award additional 20% of the goal for advertisement
  • If goal is not reached, money still goes on advertisement (but without 20% bonus)
  • Each country can make maximum 1 fundraising per month
  • Making a fundraising costs 50Gold from treasury
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  • Player who made biggest donation will get his reflink put in advertisement
  • Players can donate money using several payment methods
  • Players who donate money will get rewards, depending on how big the donation is


Fundraising in United Kingdom

Other means

Everyone can do Baby Boom by yourself but it's not so easy like you may think:

  1. Create a small text to spam
  2. Find a location to spam with a big number of gamer's
  4. Create a big text explaining them how to play
  5. Through forums, games, chats
Join e-Sim! It's an online strategy game about military, politics, and econics. You can
be president of your own country here, play now! ....


  • If you donate BB 2 euro or more you will get society builder medal.
  • If you donate BB 5 euro or more you will get investor achievement.
  • If you donate BB 20 euro or more you will get special bonus: three medkits.
  • If you donate BB 50 euro or more you will get community builder badge in your profile and random q5 equipment.
  • Top donor will get his reflink put in  the advertisement.

You will earn:

5.00 Gold for each citizen, who registers and reaches level 7 after clicking this link and another 

5.00 Gold when he gets his first medal. Additionally you get 10% of gold received by player from medals and level ups.

Note, that your friends will also receive an additional 2.00 Gold for registering through your game invitation link when they reach level 7.


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