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The Auction module was presented Day 472 (Primera) and Day 117 (Secura).
Currently auctions are in beta-test mode and it's not possible to create your own auctions.
Right now you can only bid few auctions, but later the auction system will be open for everyone!
You can read the Admin news on Primera or Secura.


Bidding auctions

  • Bidders enter maximum acceptable price for them.
  • The price of the item is the second highest bid
  • The gold is taken from the account as the deposit
  • If you are outbid by other player, all the gold from the deposit is returned to your account
  • If you win the item - the price is second highest bid, the rest money from your deposit is moved back to your account.

Creating auctions

  • Creating an auction cost 1% of initial price (if you put a company on auction for 2 Gold, then you pay 0.02g fee)
  • There is a 2% fee paid by the auctioneer
  • The auction can only be canceled only if there are no bids
  • You can set duration of the action (from 1 to 48 hours)



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