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An alliance (also known as MPP - Mutual Protection Pact) is a military cooperation pact between two countries.It is a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations. 

Countries having an alliance can help each other in case of war. And so, it became a benefit for those countries having an alliance.

In this game, The MPP last for 30 days. After this, it will automatically be disabled, but can also be renewed.

The list of active alliances can be found in Country -> War and Politics


Signing alliances[]

Signing an alliance with another country consists the following steps:

  • The president of the country A proposes alliance to country B.

  • Congress of the country B accepts the proposition.


  • Both countries have to pay 10Gold
  • Only Country President can propose alliance to another country

An alliance can not be signed when:

  • There is an active war between these two countries.
  • One of the countries does not have enough Gold to pay for the alliance.
  • If either of the countries has an active war with an existing allied country of the other country.