Moduł aukcji został zaprezentowany Dnia 472 (Primera) i dnia 117 (Secura).
Każdy może tworzyć swoje aukcje od 6 LVL-a jak i również brać udział w licytacjach.


Link to auctions here

Bidding auctionsУреди

  • Bidders enter maximum acceptable price for them.
  • The price of the item is the second highest bid
  • The gold is taken from the account as the deposit
  • If you are outbid by other player, all the gold from the deposit is returned to your account
  • If you win the item - the price is second highest bid, the rest money from your deposit is moved back to your account.

Creating auctionsУреди

  • Creating an auction cost 1% of initial price (if you put a company on auction for 2 Gold, then you pay 0.02g fee)
  • There is a 2% fee paid by the auctioneer
  • The auction can only be canceled only if there are no bids
  • You can set duration of the action (from 3 to 48 hours)Examples